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Flávia Goa_

Flavia Goa | Brasil
Flavia é guitarrista, improvisadora e artista sonora. Atua também na área de música eletrônica, compondo e gravando trilhas sonoras. Criou o festival F(r)esta improvisação.

Tempo "X" | 2021
The world is facing a great wave of violence today. People are more and more enclosed in their external and internal world. Life and car insurance policies are a constant, as are cars roaming the streets with tinted windows and shuttered windows, which actually do not guarantee safety and end up fueling even more fear. At the Internal level, people grow up without parameters of freedom and with rare exceptions, they don't even imagine what it is to be freely on the street, or even experience the freedom to sit down with friends to talk. Children grow up surrounded by unfounded fears that are transferred even by their own family members, who, far from ethical, moral, human and spiritual values, contribute even more to these fears that internally destroy the life perspective of adults and young people, due to the lack of a greater meaning in their lives. Thus, insecurity is triggered internally and fear becomes a daily prison imposing a condition of survival, taking us away from the internal security of living life freely.
Sintoma | 2021

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